Reasons To Choose Insulated Refrigeration Panels From RCS-Tampa

RCS Company of Tampa is an experienced company known for providing services of General Contractor and a Mechanical Contractor. They have collective experience in the cold storage industry and they pass on the benefits to their customers. They are a customer centric company and committed to their clients needs. They are a team of individuals driven by passion and believe in developing enduring relationships. They are dynamic and adapt to change as the refrigeration industry changes. They are leaders in commercial refrigeration repairs in the Tampa area. They specialize not only in the construction of commercial freezers and cooler and warehouse buildings but in the installation and repair of freezer and cooler doors.

Insulated refrigeration panels are a specialty of RCS and they offer operation that is more efficient and productive. With new developments in refrigeration and technology RCS can revitalize your operation and prepare it for the future. They offer superior craftsmanship, lasting durability, energy efficient insulated panels. Moreover the panels they offer consist of a polyurethane foam core that is sandwiched between two sheets of galvanized steel or aluminum and is encased within a heavy-duty wood or high-density urethane frame.  Because of many advantages over conventional framing and construction, these panels from commercial refrigeration repairs are used for many types of construction projects.

If you are in need of panels look for high insulation values, a tight building envelope, resistance to water vapor, support for heavy loads and reduced construction costs.  The reasons to choose insulated refrigeration panels from RCS include:

  • High Quality- panels that undergo strict quality testing to ensure that you acquire a product that performs according to your expectations. They offer a variety of options with finishes and aesthetically structured appealing, functional products.
  • Look for weather resistant panel construction as they are safer alternative to conventional framing. With a certified product you are assured of withstanding a wide range of weather conditions including earthquakes and hurricanes.
  • The main condition to check while buying precooler construction is energy efficiency. With good quality construction and insulated values of the inner core you can keep the energy in and deter infiltration by air and moisture.
  • Using panels that are low cost designs built in factory and are construction site ready for quick assemble can save a lot of expenditure on part of your company.
  • Precooler construction from RCS is highly acclaimed for safety and durability. It translated into big savings.