Precool Construction Ensures Longer Shelf Life For Your Products

Refrigeration needs vary largely according to the requirements of the clients and keeping this in view the RCS Company situated in Florida offers custom services based on your needs. With their diverse refrigeration experience they enable their clients to meet their company’s objectives by providing tailor made services. From concept and design of an addition or a new construction project, their services facilitate clients to meet all of refrigeration objectives.

One of the significant service offered by the company includes precool construction. Precooling is a technique that ensures the longest possible shelf life for the products. In absence of proper precooling, the products begin to lose its value. Moreover with proper precooling you can retain that just picked freshness often demanded by the consumers. With the experience and advanced design solutions you can extend the shelf life of your products and enjoy the benefits of repeat business. When it comes right down to it, proper precooling really is as imperative as choosing the right method. RCS Florida has based their reputation on providing fast, yet economical precooling systems that continually ensure excellent arrivals, long shelf life, satisfied customers and increased profits for growers and shippers.

Precool construction and enables utility customers to save energy and lower peak demand while improving air conditioning reliability, affordability, and comfort by using advanced evaporation technology that takes lead from the latent heat capacity of hot dry air. Additionally evaporative condensing qualities of many utility-sponsored rebate incentives prove as a custom efficiency measure. Mostly such measures are installed on air-cooled condensers and are unlikely to be used for the purpose of swamp cooling or for cooling outside make-up air.

The Refrigerated Construction Service Company is experienced and undertakes objective third party utility program overseeing the implementation of building energy efficiency measures. Moreover with nominal equipment information, building use and location they are able to provide a viability evaluation to resolve issues related to energy savings assess rebate eligibility and potential financing.

RCS Florida through their precooling measures targets medium to large commercial installations which includes air conditioners and air cooled chillers. You can expect major savings from them such as saving in energy bill, demand charge savings, installation costs and increase in an ROI with long shelf life.