About Us

The Refrigeration PeopleRefrigerated Construction Service-Tampa, FL

Our extensive refrigeration experience and turnkey construction capability afford you the  RefrigeratedConstructionService-Tampa-FL2convenience of working with one contractor.

  • We have the in-house ability to concept, design, engineer, construct, and maintain refrigerated environments for diverse applications.
  • Pre-engineered building concepts, design and construction.
  • Industrial mechanical design, including Freon and Ammonia systems.
  • Service and repair on all types of commercial, industrial and refrigeration equipment.RefrigeratedConstruction
  • Conventional structural steel design and construction.
  • Rack-supported building design and construction.
  • Freezer floor design and floor warming systems.
  • State-of-the-art control expertise.
  • Repair and install of cooler and freezer doors.

As our industry changes, it is vital that we adapt to change. RCS will help with these changes TODAY. We specialize not only in the construction of commercial freezers and cooler and warehouse buildings but in the installation and repair of freezer and cooler doors.

We can help you change your operation to be more efficient and productive. With new developments in refrigeration and technology RCS can revitalize your operation and prepare it for the future.

Every client brings custom needs. Our diverse refrigeration experience enables us to tailor our services to meet your company’s objectives. From concept and design of an addition to a new construction project, our service enables RCS to meet all of your refrigeration objectives.

We are very interested in assisting you with your cooler and freezer repairs; install or expansion needs and ice machine repairs.

Please contact us so that we may assist you in your future needs